"Dear Dr. Donatelli, Just a note of thanks and appreciation for your time and effort this past Wednesday at my appointment.  You did such a fantastic job rolling out the red carpet for me and taking an interest not just in your work but on my behalf.  The staff also took an interest in me and I won't forget you.  See you soon.  Love, Jonathan Y"
Jonathan Y. , Atlanta

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and patience with me in doing my dental work.  You did a beautiful job.  I'll never forget you for it.  You all are so nice and very special people.  My deepest appreciation and gratitude for everything. Love, Peggy G.

Peggy G. , Hapeville

Dear Dr. Don,  From age 29 I would never smile showing my teeth.  It took me years after Dr.M to try smiling and only after the last time you reworked my mouth did I get comfortable with a great big smile !  Thank you, Hazel W.

Hazel W., Atlanta

Dr. Donatelli was recommended to me about 2 years ago and I've been a patient ever since.  Dr. Don continiously provides great service and has a nice chairside demeanor. His hygenist, Vanessa, is the best and his front desk person is the sweetest person ever. You can't go wrong with Dr. Don and his staff. 

Anon,  Atlanta